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I'm an Emmy award-nominated documentary filmmaker, with a passion for strong emotional narratives. I'm based in the UK, but I've filmed all over the world and had some incredible adventures. My latest work is INVESTIGATING DIANA for Channel 4 in the UK (called THE DIANA INVESTIGATIONS on Discovery+ in the USA and worldwide), which examines the police investigations following the death of Princess Diana, and the battle for the truth in the face of the world's first viral internet conspiracy theory.

Previously, I directed 25 SIBLINGS & ME,  which tells the story of a neurodiverse young man called Oli, who one day finds out he has 25 half-brothers and sisters living across the USA. The film challenges our assumptions about family, and was broadcast on BBC2 in October 2020. 
I am passionate about championing under-represented groups, and have made films about actors with Down's Syndrome playing Hamlet (GROWING UP DOWN'S), a young woman joining the Delhi Police (DELHI COPS), and a community standing together against Islamophobic hate crimes (MANCHESTER: A YEAR OF HATE CRIME). 

I am also the proud brother of the actor Tommy Jessop, who happens to have Down's Syndrome. You may have seen him in LINE OF DUTY, the short films INNOCENCE and FIGHTER, playing HAMLET, appearing in CASUALTY, HOLBY CITY and MONROE, and starring opposite Nicholas Hoult in COMING DOWN THE MOUNTAIN.

If you'd like to work with me or share your story, I'd love to hear from you!

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